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“In light of the recent cases of the Covid-19 that has already spread in our nation, I would like to share something with you. You have probably read in the News that our government will not allow gatherings of more than 100 people in one room. So my fellow Christians at Praise Centre, in response to the ban, we as the team leaders of Praise Centre have decided to live-stream our services this week, and following weeks, until the ban is lifted. This is an unprecedented history in our lives. But Jesus says in Matthew 24: 6, don’t be afraid. Our God is still in control. We are not limited by space. We can worship the Lord and listen to His Word together from our homes. Even though we are distant from each other, we are still united and connected by His body and His word. So fellows Christians at Praise Centre, we are looking forward to worshiping with you online this coming Sunday. We are using the recent technologies to spread the Gospel. May this be a time that the Gospel of Jesus Christ reaches more people.”

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