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Neighbourhood Ministry Update #2


Due to COVID-19, a lot of international students are going through financial hardships. They are struggling to pay rent, tuition fees, and basic needs (i.e. food). Most of them have been greatly affected and thus unable to support themselves financially. A lot of them are new to Australia, arriving in the beginning of this year.

What We Do

We have been delivering grocery hampers that have been generously donated by all of you, that contain some basic essential needs such as tissue rolls, instant noodles, tea, milk, coffee, snack, and pasta, etc. We've also put a printout that says "We are praying with you" on each hamper.

We started posting this "Good News" in two of the International Students group in Facebook, also through our flyer that have been spread out through social media from the church leaders, to their member, friends and many people out there!

for students
for the Iranian families

Nationalities Reached

Philippines, Indian, Indonesian, Nepal, Chinese, Sir Lankan.


As one body of Christ, we are very grateful and encouraged by the generosity and love from all of you, who have supported in terms of donating towards the care packages shared and distributed to those who are impacted by the pandemic.

Dischipleship Opportunities

We have just created "Melbourne International Student Support" group on Facebook under the church page as a platform to help and support, also to engage with these students.

Hampers for the Iranian families